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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 3, 2016, 9:53 AM
I. I just can't really do this, I have no drive nor really the ability to do so anymore, so commissioners still waiting for their art; please send a request for a refund. Not a single penny's been spent. I apologize sincerely for this and recommend putting your money towards a more capable artist.

Commissioners are:

If this is the incorrect way of going about this, I apologize again. I wouldn't really know.


Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2015, 4:02 PM
so for christmas, rather than give presents this year, my grandparents decided to take us all on a vacation!!! on a CRUISE!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! im really excited, and this is like. a dream for me, honestly- but anyways,

i'm gonna be without my laptop (and possibly internet at all,) from 12/5 to 12/13, and i'm gonna be really busy the previous weeks as well.

that's why my updates have gotten pretty slow compared to when i first opened commissions//sobs

this cruise is like... super fancy people stuff, seriously - i have to wear a suit for when we go to eat dinner, lmao - which means we had to, uh, buy suits, get passports (and an id for me), flu shots, new suitcases cause ours are old and breaking, and all that jazz. hence why i said i'm gonna be super busy from now till the vacation. i'll still try to squeeze in as much drawing time as i can, so i just wanted to apologise to my commissioners for taking so long!!

also, if i cant finish your commission before 12/4, then it wont be done until after 12/13.

i'm really sorry about this, please understand!! it does say in my TOS that your commission can take up to 3 months, so please remember this as well!

if you want updates on whats going on during my vacation and such, follow my tumblr or my twitter! well, if i have internet i mean ;~; i think you have to pay for wifi on the ship//sobs


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 29, 2015, 12:20 PM

SOME STYLE EXAMPLES: C: GiGaRan (+Speedpaint) by keijeiBAM Sticker Cheeb Example (+Speedpaint) by keijeiBAM C: LadyKochou [3/3] (+Speedpaint) by keijeiBAM King Asgore Dreemurr [UNDERTALE] (+Speedpaint) by keijeiBAM

PRICE RANGE: 1$/100:points: to 5$/500:points:(not including extra fees i.e. more characters, detailed background, etc.)


Naturwissen [Closed Species] | EVEN MORE INFO

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 9:21 PM

This is my Closed Species - The Naturwissen! I'll have my first adopt up soon, hopefully~!



“Naturwissen” is a shortened version of “naturwissenschaft”, which is German for “science”.

Naturwissen is a closed species, created and owned by keijeiBAM @ DeviantART.

    The Naturwissen are a race of fairies that live in a world that mixes the sciences and magic in harmony. Their world is peaceful, and brawls and fights are used for entertainment instead of animosity.

    This world is known as Mitte.

    They are divided in to four categories, or “subraces” that each originate from a separate part of the world. They each have their own specialty magic and sciences, not including the Naturwissen who don’t belong to the normal subraces. Each race has their own set of possible characteristics, some uncommon, and some rare.

    The subraces are: The Baum, the Animalia, the Leben, and Irregulars.

The World of Mitte

“Mitte” is German for “middle”.

    Mitte is almost exactly like Earth; the only difference being that instead of humans, there are Naturwissen. Because Naturwissen are much more in tune with nature and care for it better than humans, many of the endangered and extinct animal and plant species on Earth are fine and alive on Mitte. Science, education and health are top priorities and thrive due to there being no military or war to fund in comparison to Earth. Magic is very prevalent as well, and although not every Naturwissen utilizes it, every Naturwissen is capable of using magic.

    The cultures and traditions vary greatly, just like Earth’s; there are different countries, each with their own customs and ways. The diversity of Mitte is astounding and vast. There are cities with technology to rival that of our own, and towns with the atmosphere of a renaissance fair. There are primitive villages that who rely solely on Mitte’s natural resources for survival.

    While Mitte is similar to Earth, it does not exist on the same plane – they are alternate realities.

    As you know, Mitte’s name means middle. There is a reason for this. Mitte is the in between, where the worlds of fantasy and reality mix. Mitte has the magic and fantasy of the common fantasy-genre world, and it has the science and realism of Earth. Think of it this way – There’s the world where every magical creature, every spell, every impossibility thought of on Earth is very much possible. Then, there’s Earth, where reality is law and magic has no hold, but science and technology have advanced far. Sandwiched in between these two worlds is the middle – The world of Mitte.

The Subraces


“Baum” is German for “tree”.

            The Baum is the subrace of Naturwissen that are most in tune with flora. Their existence is because of and for the floral aspects of Mitte. Members of the Baum subrace all have some kind of plant that they are based off of; more than one Baum having the same plant is uncommon, but occurs mostly with twin Baums. 

            All members of the Baum subrace have an affinity for healing magic. Whether that magic heals wounds, wilting plants, illnesses or emotions depends on the Baum. The Baum subrace as a majority study natural sciences; plant biology, botany, dendrology, and many others. They use these studies to help preserve Mitte’s flora and develop medicines and alchemy.

Uncommon Traits: Abnormally colored leaves/flowers|| shrunken wings || multi-colored eyes

Rare Traits: Wingless || large, battery-like flowers/leaves on head || abnormally shaped pupil/iris

            Every Baum has leaves growing on their bodies near the ears, or sometimes the hands and legs. Their wings usually resemble the leaves or petals of the plant they are based off of. Their ears resemble that of an elf’s.

            Some Baum are born with extra leaves or flowers sprouting from places on their body, usually the head. These Baum have more magical energy than the average Baum due to these leaves or flowers acting as batteries for magical energy. It is extremely rare for a Baum to be born with this.


“Animalia” is the scientific term for the animal kingdom.

            The Animalia are the subrace of Naturwissen that are more closely related to the fauna of Mitte. They care for the animals, and in turn, the animals care for them in a mutualistic symbiotic relationship. Every Animalia shares characteristics with an animal, i.e. a wolf Animalia would have wolf ears, a tail, sharper canines and an acute sense of smell. Multiple Animalia sharing one animal type is uncommon, but possible in twin Animalias.

            All Animalias use curse-centered magic. This can range from casting curses, identifying curses or breaking them. The sciences that the majority of Animalias focus on are zoology, animal biology, taxonomy, entomology and many others. These studies are used to help identify and properly care for the fauna of Mitte.

Uncommon Traits: Multi-colored eyes || shrunken wings || abnormally colored fur

Rare Traits: Wingless || animal characteristics of non-existent animals || abnormally shaped pupil/iris

            Every Animalia has the basic characteristics of the animal they are based off of – ears, tails, horns, antennae, etc. They can also have whiskers or claws, as well as heightened senses depending on what animal it is. If the animal they are based off of does not have wings, then the Animalia will have bird-like wings, but with two sets like a fairy, where one set is larger than the other.

            Some Animalia are born with the characteristics of an animal that doesn’t exist, such as dragons or pegasi. These Animalia are extremely rare, and usually hold more powerful magic than the average Animalia.


“Leben” is a shortened version of “lebensmittel”, which is German for “food”.

            The Leben subrace is a bit of an enigma. They have no connection to Mitte itself like the other races, but are essential to its inhabitants’ survival. They provide the food for all of the Naturwissen by growing, cooking and distributing it to everyone in Mitte. Every Leben is based on a kind of food that can either be an ingredient or a prepared dish, i.e. a Cinnamon Leben and a Cinnamon Roll Leben can both exist. Two or more Leben of the same food type is uncommon, but can occur in twin Lebens.

            Lebens are not only amazing cooks, but also preform amazing divination magic. This can be through different types of fortune telling, prophecies, or aura reading. They focus on the science of chemistry, as well as agricultural science. The Baum lend a hand in proper crop development and sometimes magically support the crops.

Uncommon Traits: Mulit-colored eyes|| shrunken wings || personal cooking tool

Rare Traits: Wingless || abnormally shaped pupil/iris || shrunken wings

            Every Leben is born with the basic traits that identify which food they are based on – this can vary from things like candy in their hair to icing or sauce on their ears and wings. The ears of a Leben resemble an elf’s as well. Lebens’ wings are closest to looking like a stereotypical fairies’ wings.

    Some Leben are born with magically enhanced senses, mainly their eyes. Lebens that are born with this enhancement have glowing eyes and acute senses of smell, sight and taste.


“Irregular” means “strange”, or not the same as what is considered “normal”.

             The Irregular subrace is just an umbrella term for any Naturwissen that don’t fit with the other subraces. They aren’t like any of the other subraces, nor are they like each other. These Naturwissen are uncommon, and they fill in the gaps that the other subraces don’t. They take care of technological progress, academic progress, cultural preservation, and many other jobs. Irregulars can be based on seasons, holidays, minerals, technology -- the list goes on and on. They can also be similar to another subrace, but different enough to belong in the Irregular subrace. No two Irregulars are based on the same thing, not even in the cases of twins.

            The type of magic that an Irregular practices can vary greatly, or they can be the same as another, i.e. a Halloween Irregular practicing curses like an Animalia. Some Irregulars can practice elemental magic, and many others. The possibilities with an Irregular are endless.

Uncommon Traits: Shrunken Wings || Multi-colored eyes || other subrace traits

Rare Traits: Wingless || other rare subrace traits || abnormally shaped pupil/iris
  There are no specific traits that are common in Irregulars. All Irregulars are considered “Uncommon”. Irregulars can be born with the rare traits of the other subraces. For example, a Circuit Irregular could be born with the rare Leben trait; glowing eyes and enhanced senses.

Other Info
  • Naturwissen in general are only 2-3 feet tall with 4 feet tall being considered large.
  • Naturwissen are not shaped like chibis! That's simply how I've chosen to draw them.
  • Naturwissen have about the same lifespan that a human would. Irregulars, however, live for much longer, around 200 years.
  • Naturwissen are just like humans when it comes to personalities/preferences!
  • All types of Naturwissen can be with other types of Naturiwissen- as in they can produce healthy offspring with other subraces. What subrace the offspring is is completely up to chance, but mixes of two subraces aren't possible (as in a Naturwissen being half Leben/half Animalia). The offspring can, however, have a mix of the parent's abilities, such as a Leben offspring having both aura sensing and curse breaking. Reproduction this way is not common, however!
  • Naturwissen are normally born in quite strange ways, and no one is really sure how it happens. It's said that they are born from the essence of what they are based on, i.e. a wolf Animalia being born from shed fur, or a cinnamon Leben bring born from the scent of cinnamon.
  • More info will be added once I think of it/am asked questions!
Thank you to fatesfollower for asking so many wonderful questions! <3

Existing Naturwissen

Naturwissen Adopt Batch #1-3 [CLOSED] by keijeiBAM

Naturwissen Owners

:iconfatesfollower: :iconsheriipon: :iconmisterdesultory:

How Selling Works

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 9:18 PM

How Selling Works

Here you will find information on how the auctions are run, what certain terms mean, and the different kinds of auctions.

      There are three different ways of obtaining a Naturwissen:

  • A bidding auction.
  • A sale.
  • An MYO slot.


            In bidding auctions and sales, I will be selling a design I have created of a Naturwissen. MYO slots are opportunities to design your own Naturwissen, with traits of your choosing. Naturwissen with Uncommon or Rare traits will cost more than a Naturwissen with only Common traits. Irregular Naturwissen automatically cost more than a Baum, Animalia or Leben due to their rarity.


            If the design is posted with “AUCTION” in the name, then it is a bid-to-win kind of selling. These will typically stay open for about 2 days, or 48 hours. The highest bid at the end of the 48 hours is the winner, in the case that no one has Auto-Bought. Or, in the case that no one has bid, the 48 hours will be extended until someone does. An ending time will usually be posted (Example: Bidding ends October 10th, 2015 at 2:00 PM Pacific Time.)

SB: Starting Bid. This is the starting amount that the Naturwissen costs.

MI: Minimum Increase. This is the lowest amount that a bid is allowed to add on to the previous bid.

AB: Auto-Buy. This is for people who don’t want to risk being over-bid, and is the highest that can be paid for the design. It ensures that the person who Auto-Buys will win the auction.

Snipe Guard: “Sniping” is when someone bids within the last hour of the auction. The Snipe Guard is extra time allotted to the auction if someone were to bid within the last hour that the auction is open, usually adding 1-2 hours.

AB-Bonus:  Sometimes there will be a bonus added if the person who won the adopt won it through Auto-Buying. This can be extra art of their design, or sometimes even an MYO slot.

  • A comment will be posted saying “BID HERE for [Naturwissen type]”. Only reply to this comment if you are the first bidder.
  • You must reply with the amount you will pay, specifying whether you are paying in USD or :points:.
  • Reply only to the previous bid.
  • Do not edit or hide replies if you want to bid a different amount; post a new reply instead.
  • Only bid what you can pay within 24 hours of the auction end.
  • The winner will receive an unwatermarked version of the design.
  • Fake bids will result in a ban from future auctions.



            If the design is posted with “SET SALE” in the title, then it is a first come first serve kind of selling. How long these stay open depends on how long it takes for someone to buy the design. Sales are designs that have a price already put to them, and you cannot bid or haggle the price. Whoever offers to buy it earliest will receive a reply from me, and if payment is received, then the sale will close.

  • The winner will receive an unwatermarked version of the design.
  • Fake offers will result in a ban from future sales.
  • Specify whether you are paying in USD or :points:.



           “MYO” stands for “Make Your Own”. It means that you are allowed to create your own Naturwissen design, and have it be considered a valid part of the species. You are allowed to set your own traits depending on what combination is being sold. MYO slots are sold the same way a design is, either through auction or sale. (MYO Example: MYO Baum Naturwissen, 1 UT, 1 RT)

UT: Uncommon Trait. This means that the design is able to have an Uncommon Trait.

RT: Rare Trait. This means that the design is able to have a Rare Trait.

  • MYO slots (and who owns them) are accounted for and kept track of.
  • The design must be approved by me before it is finalized and considered valid.
  • You may only add the traits that you payed for, not including the basic design and what are common for the type of Naturwissen that the MYO is.
  • Fake offers for the MYO will result in a ban from future sales.
  • Specify whether you are paying in USD or :points:.


 If you have any questions, please ask below.

Naturwissen Terms of Use

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 9:12 PM

Payment Info & Terms of Use

Here you will find information on how much a Naturwissen design may cost, what costs more and what rights buying the design gives you. Please read this thoroughly before purchasing a Naturwissen in order to prevent possible confusion. Purchasing a Naturwissen means that you have read and agreed to the terms listed.

NOTE: I tend to use “auction” as an umbrella term for all types of selling. This does not mean that these terms only apply to auctions. These terms apply to all types of selling Naturwissen.

            The payment types accepted are USD and :points:. Payment is required in full and within 24 hours of the end of the auction, or the auction will be re-opened.

  • :points: are paid through the gifting feature on Deviantart to keijeiBAM.
  • USD is payed through Paypal only – once you give me your email, I will send you a money request. You are not required to have a Paypal account to do so.
  • $1 USD = 100 :points:.


    Once the payment is received, I will email a full sized, unwatermarked version of the design to the winner of the auction, as well as any Auto-Buy Bonuses (if applicable).       

            When purchasing a Naturwissen design from me, you are buying partial rights to a specific character design belonging to my Closed Species. The official design artwork is still my copyright/intellectual property. I have the rights to use the design in its original artwork form for promoting myself and my artwork.

You are allowed to:
  • Give the design a name, story, etc., for personal use.
  • Alter the design, such as giving it new clothes, hair styles, gender, body type, skin color etc. but you may NOT change the features that characterize my species.
  • Create artwork/commission artwork of the Naturwissen.
  • Co-own a design, if both partners have an agreement.


You are NOT allowed to:

  • Make a profit off of the design.
  • Resell/trade/re-auction your Naturwissen design(s).
  • Claim that you created the design and/or the species.

Credit for the species and design is required whenever art is created of it by someone other than keijeiBAM.

    I retain partial rights over every Naturwissen I sell, and therefore I have the right to ban a person/redistribute ownership over a design if they are blatantly breaking my Terms of Service and therefore terminating their rights to the species. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Selling/offering/auctioning and/or buying a Naturwissen outside of the original auction.
  • Harassing other bidders/members of the Naturwissen community.
  • Theft of Naturwissen design(s).
  • Unacceptable/rude behavior towards partner(s) in a co-ownership of a Naturwissen.
  • Filing a refund/chargeback (results in a reclaim of the designs from the user to make up for lost monetary damages. The buyer is then forbidden from using the reclaimed Naturwissen, and further use of the design will be considered character theft and copyright infringement).


    If you, the purchaser, have not read the Terms of Service thoroughly, I am not to be held responsible for your own misconception. This is a closed species, not an original species. Closed species means only I, or people I have given explicit permission to, are allowed to create Naturwissen.

    I do not put copyright on animal/plant/food features; however, I do put copyright on the designs I create, the specified lore and the specific details that makes up the species as a whole, and they are not to be reproduced in any way. Creating a design that has features alike to my species does not mean that said character/design belongs to the Naturwissen species. Intentional heavy referencing of designs is not allowed and you will be asked to alter a design to make it less alike if it occurs.



            You are no longer able to request a refund once I have sent the unwatermarked design and bonuses (if they apply). This is because if you were to request a refund after I have already sent you the artwork, then you would still have the artwork but I would not have the payment, and there would be no way for me to check that you no longer have access to the artwork.

            If I have yet to send you the unwatermarked design, then you may request a refund and I will comply and re-open the auction.

            Here is how the refunding process works:

  • You may note or email me requesting a refund if I have not yet sent you the unwatermarked design. A reason for refunding is not required, but it would be nice to know.
  • I will note you back with my email address, and using Paypal, you may request the correct payment amount from me.
  • Once I have sent you the refund, all rights you held to the design will be relinquished and I will re-open the auction in order to sell the design to another buyer.

Any harassment or ill-manner during this process will result in a ban from future auctions.

If you have any questions, please ask below.

DA Questionnaire~

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 9, 2015, 11:42 AM
jumping right on this bandwagon!! ehe

  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

            half a year!! it feels like i've been on here longer..
  • What does your username mean?

            "keijei" is my initials, "K.J.", but spelled how you would say them out loud. "BAM" comes from my first username "SanicBAM", which i made to make fun of Sonic Boom, hehe.
  • Describe yourself in three words.

           soft, shy and analytical- at least offline i am ;u;
  • Are you left or right handed?

           right handed!! though my left hand is stronger? Kao Emoji-77 (Errr) [V4] 
  • What was your first deviation?

           fanart of Sonic Boom, with some serious anatomy issues.. ;~; i'd like to re-do it sometime.
  • What is your favourite type of art to create?

           i really like drawing chibis and cute boys Kao Emoji-02 (Pretty Eyes) [V1]  i really enjoy trying to paint backgrounds too! it usually doesn't turn out though ;u;
  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

           cartoony painting!! i really love styles like that!
  • What was your first favourite?

            Panty Anarchy by sakimichan  Kao Emoji-06 (Shy) [V1] 
  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

           a lot of cute anime art, as well as legend of zelda fanart :D
  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

           zelliezelzelda96 ofc!!! my main memer Kao Emoji-08 (Kyaa Cute and Shy) [V1] 
  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

           Kao Emoji-39 (Fooling Around) [V2] 
  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

           Peachirii and Yamio have really helped me improve my art, even without realizing it!!
  • What are your preferred tools to create art?

           my wacom intuos tablet and paint tool sai <3 hopefully i can start trying to use photoshop too, since some very lovely people gave me their extra copy!!
  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

           i'm more inspired by music and looking at art than i am by places, so youtube and deviantart i guess?
  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

           i think it would have to be when i opened my requests and had way more people than i expected request things- it made me feel really nice and flattered that people like my art! Kao Emoji-57 (Kawaii) [V3] 

Know the Artist!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 26, 2015, 12:33 PM
From InstinctShadowSaiyan

i figured i should do something so my page doesn't become a desolate wasteland... so, tah-dah! hehe.

DA Username: keijeiBAM
Name: Kristen
Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: Mae (preferred!), Kris, Krissy (NEVER.)  
Country:  North America
Zodiac Sign:  Aries 

Number of Past Accounts: only one, that's now deactivated.
Number of Past Usernames: 1 
First Username: SanicBAM
Original Join Date: March 2015
Premium Member?: yep!
Watchers: 429
Deviations: 55
Favorites: 287

Favorite Digital Art Program: Paint Tool Sai
Favorite Traditional Art Medium: pencil
Favorite dA Artists: zelliezelzelda96, Yamio, Peachirii, and some i'm probably forgetting ;u;
Favorite TV Shows: Wakfu, Yu-Gi-Oh (DM and S0), TMNT (2012), Clannad, Devil is a Part-Timer and The Sopranos is okay.
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: oh shit. um. i just listen mostly to music i find on youtube and such, meaning that almost every song is a different guy, so uhh..

Sexual Orientation: uhM
Religious Affiliation?: no.
Pets: i used to cat have a cat and a dog but then we moved ;n;
Scars? on my knees, on my right arm, one on my toe from dropping a knife on it, ehe. 
Tattoos? none.. yet
Piercings? again, none yet
Alcohol?  i've had some, but it tastes horrible tbh
Drugs? no
Height: 5.11"
Weight: i think around 180-190?

Digital or Traditional?  digital
Beach or Mountains? mountains
Dolphins or Sharks? neither
On sunny days, you: lay down in the grass and sleep -w-
On rainy days, you: sit and watch the rain hit the pavement, and roll down the window, and then i open the window after the rain has passed to get the lovely cool smell. 
On hot days, you: stay inside and freeze my ass off, my house is way too cold
On cold days, you: turn on the fireplace, sit on the couch with a big blanket and play smash with some game grumps playing in the background.

1) i'm actually a pretty angry, cynical person, but i try really hard to be optimistic.
2) i speak plenty in my head, but almost never out loud.
3) i don't eat often, but when i do, i eat a LOT. so if you ever see me eating, do me a favor and don't comment on the amount, thanks.
4) i hate yelling and loud noises. i really hate them.
5) i'm demiromantic.
6) i never want children. ever. dont even ask me to babysit, i won't.
7) my best friend and main memer is zelliezelzelda96
8) my mood and attitude changes super frequently, meaning if i did this yesterday then the answers and tone would have been completely different. 
9) i want to work as a concept artist when i grow up.
10) i hate the word think and love the words lullaby and grotesque.